Essential things to consider before buying Inflatable Spas

Inflatable spas can give you all the exciting experiences that a conventional tub can provide and with so much more. In the light of having the full enjoyment with it, you can easily choose to spend your money on inflatable spas rather than the permanent hot tub. More so, inflatable hot tubs are great for outdoor use and movable wherever you need them, including taking them on trips. As long as you have power and water supply, you are good to go.

Essential things to consider before buying Inflatable Spas

If you need to spend some time in the colder regions of the world, an inflatable spa is one of the items you should carry along. So, they are cheaper, portable, and generally easier to use. In addition, there is some other important information you should keep at heart before getting one of those inflatable spas. This article discusses these major characteristics to guide you into making better decisions.

Hot tub capacity

Inflatable spas have a varying capacity of people they can carry conveniently. For one, the hot tubs are built with seats that indicate how many people can use them, usually adults. So, take some time out to consider the size of the hot tub you intend to buy, especially compared to the number of people you have in your household. 

Except you stay single or your intention is to get an inflatable tub for single person use, you may need to consider the size in buying. At times, you may not even limit the use of your inflatable hot tub to yourself alone, but you may want to extend the service to your neighbors to catch up. On the other hand, the size of the hot tub also determines the volume of water it can hold and the required time to heat up. 

The bigger the size, the more water it can have, and the longer time it takes for the water to get warm for use. The number of people that use the spa determines the size of the inflatable spas you want. Other factors include how often you intend to use it, running and maintenance plan,

Always turn up the heat in advance

It can be a lot of fun to take a dip inside inflatable spas, especially on otherwise cold days, but not so fast. Using inflatable spas for that purpose requires that you have to heat it up for long hours before you even plan to get in at all. It takes an average of 1 hour to raise the water temperature in a hot tub by 10. In other words, we are saying that raising the temperature from 400 to 900 will take approximately 50 hours, which is more than 2 days of continuous heating. Can you now see why you have to start heating it up on time if you intend to use it?

Of course, you may not need to raise the water up to that temperature but just prepare to heat it up for at least 12 hours to attain a usable temperature. Moreover, if you will be inviting people over for a party or a hangout in the spa, remember to turn up the heat for a long time to heat up. Or else, you may not get as much heat as intended. Remember also that the water pump and the heaters may not work concurrently. So, you may have to use them one after the other.  you can know more details about Spas by visiting at

Reliable power source for running

Before purchasing and installing your inflatable spa, ensure you bring it into a place with a reliable power supply. More so, since it is an outdoor component, you may want to ensure you can connect it outside and put it into safety. The job of hot tubs is enormous, including sucking in water, heating it up, and circulating the water while you bathe. It also has an inbuilt air and power jet system that ensures the circulation is complete and that bubbles are dispelled.

Although, you can also install the spa outdoor and decide to use an indoor plug to connect it. Whichever way you choose, remember safety comes first before fun or functionality. Many models of the inflatable spas allow a relatively long cable for whether indoor or outdoor connection that remains safe to use. Mind you, kindly follow the manufacturer’s instruction, which is much more important for particular modes and their application for use. 

Control Pad Ease

Not all inflatable spas have internal control pads. So, you may have to look for those with one of such. The real fun is when you are actively bathing in the inflatable spa. That is when you get to know how much fun it is to have and enjoy. Therefore, you need to search out if your planned inflatable spa has a control board inside the tub or outside. Stretching over the tub to control it outside can be somewhat tedious. 

However, when the control panel is inside the hot tub, you can easily maneuver your way to adjust the temperature and whatever else you intend to do. The temperature button is not the only control you need to be familiar with. What about jet usage control? Meanwhile, some classic inflatable spas have digitized control systems to add more fun to your bath and massage. 

Solid Foundation

Laying a solid foundation is one thing people hardly do when planning to buy inflatable spas. We assume the manufacturer already took care of anything that pertains to the bottom of the tub. We easily forget that the manufacturer cannot meet certain specific conditions of the floor of our own house or location we intend to put it. With that said, your inflatable tub may come with a tarp underneath it. 

Essential things to consider before buying Inflatable Spas

The primary function of the tap is to provide a safe and solid foundation for your spa to prevent it from tearing and scratching off. In other words, if your spa comes with one of those tarps, that’s good. But if not, kindly ensure you have the hot tub on a suitable surface free of sharp objects and avoid dragging around. When the inflatable spa is not in use, empty the water, deflate it and tuck it up safely in a place in the house until you need it again.