Forbidden Habits with Inflatable Spas

It is not strange to have come across the dos and don’ts of using inflatable spas. However, it seems people often look away from the bad habits and focus predominantly on the good ones. Some of these critical matter centers around maintenance, safety, and care. At the same time, you may be familiar with the everyday prohibited actions around inflatable spas, such as the abuse of chemicals in sanitizing the water and others.

Forbidden Habits with Inflatable Spas

However, this article focuses more on the quirky habits you should avoid when using inflatable spas. For instance, can you bring your pets along into the spa? What is the standard highest temperature you can get the water to? What are some of the inappropriate materials you should not use in taking care of the spa? You should find answers to each of these issues in this new article, mainly because the problems can be easily overlooked.

Pets are a No-No for Inflatable Spas

I know you love your pets and really love to bring them everywhere you go but not into a hot tub. The puppy cannot cope with the temperature without catching an injury. Apart from the harm that the hot water can cause to such pets, excessive hairs on the pet’s body can also pollute the water in the tub by causing clogs. Click here to learn more about the best Inflatable Spa and Hot Tub.

The final problem that bringing a pet into the hot tub can cause is their claws and scratch and puncture the delicate surface of inflatable spas. Meanwhile, scratching the protective surface will peel it off and cause damage that may cost hundreds of dollars to fix. I am not sure you are ready for that.

Don’t get infected from Inflatable spas

Just this afternoon, I saw a tweet of a lady who claimed to have got rashes from a hot tub shared with her friends. That case is just one of many such matters of bacterial or fungal infection from sharing infected hot tubs with others. There are several ways that conditions enter the water system, whether through body fluids and grime. And when such associated microorganisms can be shared when you share the spa with other people. 

As a matter of principle, anyone with an open wound or sore should not use the spa by any means. In addition, hot water can also brood viruses very quickly, especially if you don’t even sanitize the water levels correctly. What about rashes and other injuries? You may have to see the doctor and get a clean bill of health before using a hot tub at all.

Never exceed the maximum recommended temperature of the Hot tubs

There is an optimum level that you can take the hot tub’s temperature to and not beyond. That temperature is 1040F. Moreover, many people often stay within the range of 100 and 1020F as being a safe and comfortable range to visit. Notably, any higher temperature can harm the cardiovascular system through undue strain. 

Therefore, you should watch the temperature changes to maintain an accurate one. If there’s a feeling of uneasiness about using the tub, lightheaded, or extra hot, then they can step out of the tub for a while. Besides, you can monitor the temperature changes to reduce or increase if need be. Then, when you have the desired temperature, you can return to the hot tub.

No Horseplay in Inflatable spas

Ideally, everyone needs to be aware of what is acceptable and insufficient when using hot tubs. For instance, a ‘kid’ part of us gets excited when we see the water because we quickly think of horseplay. However, quick casual horseplay can get out of hand and end up in someone getting hurt. There is lots of space in the hot tub, indeed, but the room is not enough to allow some activities.

Some everyday activities may include taking it as a swimming pool, diving, floating around the inflatables, or doing cannonballs. It is not advisable to jump right into the hot tub or dive in any way for safety. It may also come with a floating device into the hot tub that may not be too suitable. Along the adventure in the inflatable tub, it is crucial to monitor the kids if they have to be part of the fun.

Don’t Use Inflatable Spas alone

There is a subtle rule that pedon’tdon’t often notice, but it remains imperative – You should not use the hot tub alone. Mainly if there is a possibility that you are placed on prescribed medication concerning low blood pressure or even any media condition at that. The most important reason to not use the hot tub alone is the case of a health emergency. If you have a companion around, you should ask him or her to join you for a soak. On the other hand, let your doctor give you a clean bill of health before you jump into the hot tubs. 

Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

It is essential to also take this as sacrosanct – extreme weather conditions are a no-go area. For instance, when you begin to observe stormy clouds, it is time to get out of the water. At the same don’t see extreme weather as an avenue to use your inflatable spa. But the risk is more prominent than with extreme weather conditions because unexpected things may happen. Some of these random occurrences may include hurricanes, tornadoes, or even electrical storms in the least. 

Don’t leave out the Inflatable Spa Covers 

When investing in inflatable spas, consider the need to invest in hot tub covers, provided you don’t have one already. Depending on your location in Australia, the law may also require that you equip the device with some level of the anti-entrapment drain cover. One of the most critical steps to protect the spas is to defend them against strange matters finding their way into them. 

Forbidden Habits with Inflatable Spas


In conclusion, the seven precautions above are essential to maintaining the inflatable spas and ensuring user safety. As it progresses, you can also cause an advancement to the well-being of spa users. Some of these strategies can also help us achieve the most significant purpose of bathing in spas – sound health. 

7 Accessories for Your Inflatable Spa

Inflatable spas are fun to use. They’re also quite helpful as they help us relax. Also, inflatable spas present a good opportunity for family and friends to get together and spend time together.

The typical hot tub does not require any extra to work. Usually, you can use this equipment straight out of its packaging. While you might need to buy a few chemicals for sanitation purposes to ensure the water is safe for use, you really do not require any accessory to enjoy your hot tub.

Despite this, getting accessories for your inflatable spa and hot tub can boost the experience and make it more fun. If you want to get more out of your hot tub, read on to discover how to do so.

Spa Step

Inflatable spas come in different sizes. And while some are super shallow and easy to clamber over, some aren’t. If you do not want to struggle to get into your hot tub, you’ll do well to buy a spa step. It might not seem like much, but believe us when we say it will make a lot of difference and enhance your hot tub experience.

Note: ensure your spa step is non-slip. Its purpose is to help you conserve energy and ensure you do not struggle getting into your hot tub. That purpose would be defeated if you have to struggle to stay on your feet while trying to get into your inflatable spa.

Head Rest

The purpose of an inflatable hot tub is to relax and be comfortable. While you might think it’s enough to just sit there and soak in the water, we can assure you it can be much better. You can be even more relaxed and comfortable with a head rest. A spa head rest is even more important if you’re tall. While a short person might be able to make do with the hot tub’s rim, your head will probably overshoot it. This might lead to some discomfort, especially if you’re in the tub for a long time.

There are different types of head rests. However, we recommend that you get an adjustable one you can fill with water. With this, you will be able to dictate how firm, and by extension, how comfortable it is to you.

Spa Seat

Unlike their regular counterparts, inflatable spas do not come with seats. If you use the hot tub sparingly, you might be comfortable sitting on its floor. However, this will be harder to do if you use it frequently. Another compelling reason to purchase a spa seat is back pain. If you suffer from this ailment, sitting on the spa floor is not advisable.

There are different types of spa seat available. For example, there are those made from plastic and are, therefore sturdy and farm. Another popular type is made from inflatable material which you can then fill with water to weigh it down. The third type requires marble to weigh it down.

Read up on reviews of these accessories to find out how others feel about them. By doing this, you will be able to determine which of the spa seat types is most comfortable for you.

Cup Holder and Tray

People hardly ever just sit in their inflatable hot tubs. They’re more likely to press their phones, snack, and drink water. However, the sides of inflatable spas are not flat and this presents the problem of where to place your drinking cups, phones, and snacks.

To solve this problem, some people place a table near the hot tub. But this is hardly efficient. More often than not, they will have to stand up to reach out to the table and pick what they need.

Cup holders and tray solve this problem. The accessory is exactly as it sounds: it has a contraption for holding cups and a flat area where you can place other items like your hot tub remote control.

The best thing about this accessory is that you can easily attach it to the hot tub’s side and it’ll stay in place.

Floor Protector

The Spa Floor Protector is an accessory that enhances inflatable hot tub’s insulation capabilities.

The average floor protector has different components most of which come together to form a mat. The inflatable hot tub lies on this mat, which then decreases heat loss and ensures the tub retains its warmth for a longer period.


Scumbugs are a must have accessory for every inflatable hot tub owner. These spongy items float on top of your hot tub’s water and absorbs all form of impurities, such as sweat and body oils, that could aggregate to form dirt or scum.

LED Floating Lights

If you intend to stay in your hot tub till night on some occasions, you’ll benefit from having an LED floating light. And given the fact that this accessory serves two purposes, we think it is worth investing in.

The two purposes these lights serve are functional and aesthetic. By functional, we mean it will provide a means for you to navigate your surroundings at night. And by aesthetic, we refer to its beautification functions. LED lights come in multiple colors and this, apart from lighting up the night, gives an ethereal and elegant aura to your spa and surroundings.

Think of it. A night in your hot tub awash in blue, green, and red lighting. You could even have music playing in the background and a cup of something sweet in your hands. Sounds like bliss, doesn’t it? We think so, too.

Notable Mentions

We have covered the most important accessories that we think will enhance your spa experience. However, there are other accessories that didn’t make it into our list but are quite important in their own right. Some of these accessories are:

  • Speakers
  • Cleaning Set
  • Filter Cartridges
  • Handheld Vacuums
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Gazebo
  • Floating Thermal Blanket
  • Test Strips

If you purchase these accessories and use them with your inflatable hot tub, you can expect to have an elevated experience and have more fun than if you didn’t. So, what are you waiting for?

Essential things to consider before buying Inflatable Spas

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